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Why Wilma’s?

Wilma’s Little People’s School is a pre-school, not daycare, dedicated to doing what is best for young children and modeling best practices for Jacksonville University Students to observe. Children engage in hands on activities that allow them to use their natural curiosity to discover and learn. How do animals keep warm? How does my heart work? What sounds do instruments make? Where are those birds going? How do I make that color?

Beyond the ABC’s and 1,2,3’s children learn to problem solve; think creatively; be good listeners; follow directions; start projects and finish them; express themselves; organize; and get along with others in order to be successful in school and life.

Children leave Wilma’s with an inquisitive mind, an expansive vocabulary, knowledge built from meaningful experiences; and a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

“This place is a gem!  We truly appreciate the care and attention we all receive!  Thank you all for being a wonderful part of our lives and our learning experiences!  We ♥ WLPS!.”
Dan & Christina DembiecParents