New 2’s Classes

New twos looking at the fish

Class Schedule

Classes offered Hours
Fridays (Jan-May)  9:15 am –  10:45 am (subject to change)
Fridays (Jan-May) 11:00 am – 12:30 pm (subject to change)

Tuition Info

Period Days per week Amount Due
Monthly (Jan-May) 1 Day   95
Full 1 Day 475

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Curriculum and Activities

The New 2’s program provides an introductory classroom experience in a nurturing environment for children turning two years old after September 1. In some cases the child is separating from their primary caregivers for the first time and for some this is their first introduction into a group of their peers.

This program provides an enriching learning experience allowing for exploration of the indoor and outdoor classroom environment with a theme based curriculum.

The arts are an integral part of instruction. Music is used in teaching all aspect of the curriculum as well as movement through dance and dramatic play. Paint and playdough are used for natural art experiences.

Communication skills are introduced with attention to courtesy and good manners through modeling of appropriate language. Communication is emphasized through the use of songs and fingerplays, listening to stories and exposure to books, dramatic play.

Learning about good health is emphasized during snack times with nutritious snacks which do not include added sugars, salts, or dyes.