Meet Farmer Tom! We are so grateful to one of our talented WLPS dads for teaching our Fours all about microgreens and how to grow them! He provided the coconut coir, organic seeds, and growing trays so each child could plant kale, broccoli, basil, sunflower, or pea seeds!  (April 2022)

Britto art lesson

Using inspiration from Brazilian artist Romero Britto, local art teacher and WLPS mom Kelly Gelwicks gave our Fours an art lesson in his style. They made shapes and patterns with bingo daubers and filled the spaces with tempera paint cakes. We actually have some of Britto’s art in our school!  (March 2022)

Wing, Worms, and Wonder

Our teachers participated in a fantastic workshop led by Kelly Johnson of Wings, Worms, and Wonder! She is a local artist and author connecting creativity and nature through art and gardening. Our teachers have used her book, Wonder And Wander, as a great resource for activities to incorporate into our new outdoor classroom curriculum.   (Feb 2019)

The Year of the Pig

Happy Chinese New Year! Many thanks to Dr Huihui Wang, WLPS parent and JU Director of Engineering Programs, for teaching our Fours all about China and the New Year celebration. She wore beautiful traditional dress and shared dumplings and red packets for good luck.  (Feb 2019)

Christmas Sing-a-long

We had such fun at an old fashioned “Christmas sing-a-long” with WLPS mom Aaron DeCicco! Her rendition of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Baby Shark were our favorites.  (Dec 2018)

High Museum of Art, Altanta

Our teachers participated in a creative workshop led by Nicole Cromartie, Manager of Family Programs at High Museum of Art, Atlanta. We learned about the whole book approach to reading, incorporating creative movement to interpret art, and how to make beautiful tactile books.  (Oct 2018)

Guangxi College Delegates

Delegates from the Guangxi College for Preschool Education visited as part of their intercommunication activities with universities and academic institutions near their home in China and abroad.  They toured the school and were able to “sit-in” for the Twos circle time.  (Sept 2018)

Jax Fire & Rescue

fire dept visit

Firemen from Engine #27 taught the children about fire safety and how to “stop, drop, and roll”!  Everyone tried out the fire hose.  (April 2018)

Chinese New Year

Chinese new year

WLPS parent and JU Director of Engineering Programs, Huihui Wang, celebrated the New Year with our children.  She taught them the animal signs for the years, gave them red pockets with lucky Chinese money, and shared a special snack of Chinese dumplings.  (Feb 2018)

Under the Sea

WLPS Alum and professional singer, Regina Torres,  stopped by to sing and teach ocean related songs at our Sum(mer) Fun class!  You can see Regina in the upcoming production of “Annie” at The Alhambra!  (June 2017)

Vision Is Priceless

Melanie Knox from the Vision Is Priceless Council visited our school to screen all children over the age of three. Vision Is Priceless is a local, nonprofit agency that serves as the premier community resource for improving the vision health of First Coast children and adults through screening, referral and education. (March 2017)

Jacksonville Public Library

Alexis Carter, Youth Services Librarian at the University Park Branch Library, visits as part of a monthly Story Time program. She brings books and activities to share with all classes. (Jan 2017)

The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida

Community Foundations

The Harold K. Smith Charitable Fund at The Community Foundation helped fund new flooring for the Movement and Music classroom. (Feb 2016)

Fire Department Visit

Community Foundations

“Don’t hide…go outside!” One of the many important lessons we learned from some of our WLPS fireman dads. Our Twos invited the Fire Department to visit as part of their Community Helpers unit. (April 2016)

Learning about Hanukkah

Teaching about Hanukkah

WLPS Parent, Mrs. Hanson,  visited the threes class to share the special traditions of Hanukkah! She read a book about the lighting of a menorah and taught the children how to play dreidel games. (Dec 2015)

Jill Grens, Author

Jill Grens

Author, Jill Grens, celebrated her birthday by reading her book Zippy the Caterpillar to the Threes and Fours. They learned how to be good sports and how to handle situations. “Yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.” (April 2015)