Places to visit on Campus

by the Howard bldg dolphins

Places to Visit on the JU Campus!

Please see the JU map for help with the locations.

  • The Nelms Plaza and Dupont Plaza (east of Council Building)-Beautiful patios with comfortable covered seating and electric boxes for plugging in computers.
  • Phillips Fine Arts-Alexander Brest Gallery (Exhibits)
  • Sculptures on campus-Watch for them as you walk the beautiful campus
  • The Swisher Library-a quiet place to use your computer and read books
  • The Howard Building, Stairwells and 3rd floor-Art displays and photography collections
  • The JU Track-a place for walking or running (if not in use by JU)
  • The Marine Science Research Center-some marine displays in the lobby and halls, also outside benches by the river for sitting
  • The Negaard Rowing Center-sports memorabilia displayed
  • The W.C. & Susan Gentry Boardwalk & Nature Preserve (east of Negaard Rowing Center)
  • The Cost Trail at the Dolphin Green-a nice place to walk, run, picnic, sit, read, or snack
  • Bookstore–fun place to shop
  • Post Office-mail letters, packages, or buy stamps
  • Places for snacking or eating:
    • The River House
    • The River View Cafe (in the Kinne Student Center)
    • Starbucks (in the Kinne Student Center)
    • Chik-fil-a (in the Davis Student Commons)
    • Currents (in the Davis College of Business)