MARCH 2022 

There are safety protocols in place for our school as well as the Jacksonville University campus and we appreciate everyone taking every precaution available to keep us safe.

Registration for next school year is now open for available spots! Class options and tuition information can be found through the link on the homepage. In person tours are suspended due to the pandemic, but click on the red button on the home page to take a virtual tour.

WLPS will be closed March 14-18 for Spring Break.

We have updated our Amazon wish list! You can access the list at

Adventures of Bud and Wilma Dolphin

(Wilma saw butterflies, bees, pine trees, cedar trees and palmettos while hiking at the Timucuan Preserve; Bud and Wilma helped buy stamps at the post office and mail cards to grandparents.  There were mail trucks, mail boxes, packing supplies, cards to buy, too)